This Is "Antonio Dover" 

"There is a place where we belong. There is a place where the sun always shines through the rain. A place where we are forever changed."
Author, Dreamer... Antonio Dover

Our Dream and Mission...

"This is who I am the man behind the God given dream and my dream involved helping those who have lost their dream. If the road you have taken has twists and turns that have somehow thrown you off course, you can still finish well". Some have gone from their 'original world' to the 'one world away' or the disenfranchised and forgotten places people live but not in a home. When I was homeless I had no place to retreat . Still I had a dream on the inside of me that once released called me back home to the place where others needed to find their dream. Here is where I am able to become my dream." Antonio Dover

"The Shepherd's Cup"

This book “The Shepherd’s Cup” is the perfect book for you! Whenever the journey before you seems too great to travel, there is an encouraging word to compel you to continue. Even if you’ve run out of places to bury the distracting memories that have followed you along the way, there is riddance. “The Shepherd’s Cup” will take you on a poetic escapade through the life of a sheep that personifies the highs and lows that we all sometimes have to face. If you are searching for more and longing for the place where you belong in life, you will discover it in

"The Shepherd’s Cup”..

"Who Am I"

"Who Am I" is a book written as a testimonial along with a collection of poems that both inspire as well as encourage the reader to believe for the impossible even when hope seems to have expired. Considering the catastrophes that people experience everyday around the world Hope is most needed .

"What Everyone Wants"

One of the hardest things in life is to give what you don’t have. Yet in spite of this fact, everyone wants to receive what they don’t have. Then when we’ve finally gotten what we’ve always wanted, it sometimes becomes more of a challenge to let go of it when necessary. It can be very difficult to express what you have never experienced firsthand. This is why many people oftentimes expect to experience love before expressing love. If ever you find yourself in need of true love, this book will help you to identify with what everyone wants in life. 

"Am I Good Enough"

You don't have to be rich or beautiful to achieve success in life. You don't have to have a lot of friends to know who you are. God has given all of mankind something that will cause us to succeed called a gift. All that you need is a dream in order to stand alone. Give life and you will have life.


Men's Empowerment Now

"What better way to eclipse the monotony and humdrum of everyday life than spending time with these guys. You are all the best." Antonio

Feed me...Feed my soul

"Toast the the Father's of Men Empowerment Now. Great Brotherhood." Antonio

Children's Community Choir-The CCC

"We lift our hands and our hearts in praise to our God." Antonio

Become the Dream...

This is a project for Children's Empowerment. Empowering the lives of our youth to fulfill their dreams. "I am humbled by the joy in seeing the many smiles on the children's faces and knowing that I am needed. It makes life worth living." Antonio


I read the Shepherd's Cup and this is what I thought and why I gave this book a 5 star rating: This book is awesome. Takes you on a journey of yourself, powerful!.


June 2108

Once in a lifetime, someone enters not only your life but makes an indelible impression in the lives of others. That person is Mr. Antonio Dover. When Mr. Dover first entered the doors of the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen a few years ago, he brought with him a spiritual recipe of life, faith, inspiration and hope. In fact, because of his rapport with over five hundred and fifty guests, Mr. Dover was responsible for a suicidal individual to receive immediate counseling in order for him to be alive for the next day and thereafter until God calls him home. His presence allows storms to be calmed and the love of God to be shown and shared with others. Psalms 41:1 describes Mr. Dover's passion for the down trodden... "Blessed is he who has regard for the poor." Mr. Dover's book will challenge others to step out of their element and pass on their blessings to others. 

Lou Landrum Sartor

Spartanburg, SC

Antonio Dover is truly an inspiration to his local community and a shining example of the extremely talented and motivating individuals that are found serving the homeless community. Upon navigating his way out of years of experiencing homelessness and dismal poverty, Mr. Dover immediately found his place among his previous peers. Aside from his current career or perhaps supplemental to, he uplifts all those around him. He volunteers with several organizations and sponsors individuals eager to escape homelessness and the learned hopelessness that often comes with years of struggles and slammed doors. Reading his poetry is certainly an emotional experience that will stir angst and awe from members of all spectrums of society; the rich or the poor, the invested or not so interested. He gives our community hope and the homeless a reason for a tomorrow. He advocates for a better future for all of us. I appreciate his work and his words and I know that you will too.

Rachel Reed

Americorp Vista "Faces of Homelessness"

Speakers Bureau in Greenville, SC 

Antonio Dover is actively involved in the local community of Spartanburg, SC. He is committed to bringing hope to the needy and the brokenhearted. He is the facilitator of Men's Empowerment Group which aids the homeless and unfortunate. Antonio Dover has also been involved in the rehabilitation of prison inmates for over a decade. He is the author of the books, "Who Am I" and "What Everyone Wants". In addition to serving at his local church as an Elder and Associate Minister, he is adamant about helping the dreams of others come true. In his effort to live his dream he makes others dreams possible. That inspires me but no other author has inspired me more. His writing are pure works of art. I savor every word. 

Dr. Rebecca Tatum

Radio Host "Real Women Real Talk Radio in Los Angeles, CA

Our Story...

"Men's Empowerment Now"

I, Antonio Dover have spent the last fifteen years facilitating inmates, homeless and commoners, while co-serving my community as an Associate Minister. The group I now serve is called "Men Empowerment Now". This group and I am responsible for fostering life skills and development skills in the lives of these amazing men. Their ever-evolving story of their lives is a fulfillment of my dream. It is a great brotherhood.

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